Blind Tasting: Rim Variation


It isn’t always easy to eye a wine and be able to tell exactly what it is, but estimating the age of it is not as much of a mystery. I’m not saying you can look at what’s in the glass and carbon date the thing, but you definitely can examine it and be able to tell whether it is a youngster or one that’s seen some time in the bottle. The secret to the trick is observing how much color variation there is from the center of the glass leading out to the rim. This works best when you hold the glass at a 45 degree angle against a white background. Natural light works better than florescent lighting. If the color of the wine is fairly uniform from the center outwards, it’s safe to say that you’re holding a baby. The opposite can be said if the color seems to vary quite a bit from the center outward. If this is the case you’re looking at some vino that’s probably got  several years under its belt.


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