Brunch or Breakfast for Dinner: Moscato d’Asti


For some, drinking anything but coffee, milk, or juice alongside favorite breakfast fare seems a bit of a stretch. Many would resort to the mimosa when the occasion arises for a food pairing, but what if you’re looking for a lazy Sunday kind of breakfast and don’t want to make an OJ run to the market? Maybe you’re wanting instead a little breakfast for dinner and you’d like a little change up beverage. One wine is sure to deliver a pleasant match for such an occasion. Moscato d’Asti is a considered a “frizzante” or slightly sparkling wine that has a lower bottle pressure so it will not have a cork and cage like champagne. The Piedmontese sparkler would be ideal as it has enough sweetness to stand up to the maple syrup on top of those fluffy pancakes as well as enough sprits and acidity to cut through your favorite omelet and those crispy strips of bacon.


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