Gruet: Sparkling Wine from New Mexico?!


I recently had the pleasure of attending a wine seminar in New York where I had the chance to talk to quite an entertaining crowd of sommeliers, those aspiring to be somms, and a handful of collectors. One of the things that struck me as an odd combination of words in a sentence involved “New Mexico” and “Champagne”. It isn’t all that often that you will hear folks talking wines of the Southwest U.S. but this one is worth taking note of. It is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, 2 of the 3 varieties used in Champagne (third being Pinot Meaunier). It has a sharp refreshing zest from the acidity, a staple of all sparkling wines, and also a purity of fruit expression that gives it a unique identity. Not a whole lot of brioche or biscuity notes like many Champagnes have, but hey, it’s not Champagne. It is however, a delicious bubbly that is quite the overachiever when you consider its modest price of around 15 quid a pop.


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