Indian Food: Assyrtiko


Whenever you ask your local retailer for a good pairing to go with Indian food or any spicy food for that matter the common response you will get is beer. If you had to go with a wine, something with a little residual sugar to foil the spice would be par for the course. But what if you’re not into sweet wines and are wanting something on the dryer side?

The Greek white wine Assyrtiko would be the perfect choice. Assyrtiko is the name of the grape used and it produces a wine that is typically low in alcohol so the heat from any dish highlighted with spice such as curry will not be accentuated. Additionally, the bright acidity associated triggers a refreshing response by the palate resulting in a delicious experience. This wine by itself is not overly impressive, but when paired with the right food the sum of the parts is culinary magic.


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