Moschofilero: The Greek Wine sure to make the Biggest Splash this Year.


Photo: Luciano Pignataro

As our culinary horizons broaden and diversify with each passing day there exists the need for a change of pace regarding our beverage selection. We need something new to satisfy our desire for novel palatable experiences  and this Greek export seems to be the perfect remedy. Moschofilero (mosko-FEE-luh-roh), or “Mosko” as Mark Oldman referrs to the Greek grape in his book Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine, is a grape with a pink/purple skin that produces a refreshing rosé-like wine that is the absolute perfect alternative to Pinot Griggio.

Its Greek roots are also reflected in its seeminly effortless ability to pair with Mediterranean foods including anything from a Greek salad with olives, feta, and fresh tomatoes to something with a little flare such as some spicy seafood diablo. Just like the Greek white Assyrtiko, Mosko is low in alcohol and high in refreshing acidity making it the perfect wine along with Txakoli for the warmer days of Spring and Summer.


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