Bordeaux Second Wines: Bargains to Look For


Ever since the 1855 Classification top growths of Bordeaux have been fetching the highest prices for any bottle in the region. It’s no secret that these bottles are worthy of their classification and very rarely does the quality of a bottle let you down. Barring a poor vintage, which given the marginal climate is a distinct possibility, any bottle from a top growth Chateau will provide you with the best chance for that earthy bretty nose that we all love and yearn for. But not everyone can or is willing to fork out top dollar for such bottles. So what can be done to pay a little less for a lot more? 

Many Bordeaux Chateau will produce a second label from fruit that isn’t as high in quality, but is still very representative of the style and terroir traditional to that Chateau. These so called second wines are excellent bargains and are by and large outstanding quality. Sure some can be between $40-$80 a pop, but compared to their $200 big brothers it’s quite the steal. Second wines aren’t quite marketed as much as the first labels but they are definitely worth researching. For example the going rate for Second Growth Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou is around $110.00 per bottle, but their second wine Croix de Beaucaillou retails at around $45.


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