Shrimp and Grits: White Burgundy


Over the past few  years I have explored countless combinations of food and wine trying to find a single every day dish that could elicit culinary euphoria when paired with the right wine at the dinner table. One food and wine combination that I love going back to time and time again is the classic shrimp and grits dish with an opulent white Burgundy.  It just so happens that this was the food and wine pairing that made me a believer in the possibility of a synergistic relationship that food can have when paired with the right counterpart.
White Burgundy begs for food that isn’t too bold, but can present a supporting cast whose intentions are to provide a stage for the focused and mineral scented wines of the Cote d’Or to perform. The best white Burgundies see a significant portion of time in oak barrels giving the wine a round and opulent mouthfeel that  matches effortlessly with the weight of the dish, which incorporates cheese and butter. Additionally the grits provide a textural backdrop for the wine to play off of. The good dose of acidity in these wines help not only to counterbalance the richness of the dish but also enhance the inherent sweet flavors in the shrimp.
Poaching the shrimp works with this pairing but if you have a wine that sees a significant amount of new oak, grilling would be the best option as the charing would help to echo the oak notes in the wine. For the best results opt for a Meursault. Wines from here tend to have the ideal opulence and body to balance perfectly with the dish, but if your feeling thrifty a Bourgogne from a respected producer such as Latour will work just as nicely.

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