Bayley Hazen



Everyone likes a good comeback story and that’s exactly what you will find at Jasper Hill Farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. When brothers Mateo and Andy Kehler bought the farm in 1998, it had seen better days, but after some hard work highlighted by the purchase of a herd of Ayrshire heifers the brothers had laid the foundation for what would become one of the most revered farms for blue cheese production in all of the Northeast.

Grazing on carefully managed fields of clovers, grasses, and legumes from late Spring to early Autumn allows for the development of high quality Ayrshire milk that is the perfect precursor for the development of Bayley Hazen Blue. The cheese is slightly drier than most blues, but is not short on complexity. While still having the tang of other blue-veined cheeses like English Stilton and Fourme d’Ambert, Bayley Hazen also has subtle notes of chocolate bitterness as well as a buttery texture and even a hint of anise.

The cheese acquired its name from an old military road that was commissioned by George Washington 1976 to transport troops to the Canadian front for battle with the English. Although no battle actually broke out, the road did allow the first settlers to move into the area effectively setting in motion the chain of events that would one day make possible the availability of this unique and delicious Vermont blue.

Try it on burgers, melted down into a dip, or if your really feeling frisky head on down to Corkbuzz Wine Studio on 13th Street in NYC and try their Bone Marrow dish which uses Bayley Hazen as a key ingredient along with a layer of Sherry Shallot Marmalade.


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