Artisnal cheese has made a large splash in epicurean culture of late and more and more diners are looking for the perfect cheese not only as an accompaniment with their favorite foods but also as a novel pairing experience with their  favorite beverages. Everyone has a different preference for cheese. Some prefer the salty, earthy blue cheeses like Cashel, Roquefort, and Stilton and others may prefer creamy and buttery cheese like Nettle Meadow Kunik. And while most cheeses are meant to be consumed shortly after production, there does exist a category of cheeses that require a bit of aging resulting in a finished product that is far removed from its soft and creamy counterparts.

Roomano is an aged Gouda from Friesland in the Northern Netherlands produced from pasteurized cow milk that sees anywhere from 4-6 years aging warehouses until its release. Like other cheeses that see a significantly longer amount of aging, Roomano is very dense and firm. Additionally the cheese has calcium lactate crystals throughout the paste effectively giving the cheese a satisfying crunch and texture. Don’t worry, these crystals are harmless and form naturally during the aging process. Along with the crunchy texture your palate will pick up on sweet butterscotch and caramel flavors making this truly a unique if not downright assertive cheese.

If your looking for a good match with wine, aged sherries and port are a good bet, but extra ripe and full-bodied new world reds with ripe tannins like Napa Cabernet and Australian Shiraz work just as well. For beer go with Belgian style ales.


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